Welcome to Jim Hogg County Fair

March 16-17, 2018 • Hebbronville, TX

The Jim Hogg County Fair is the longest running festival in the county.  The Jim Hogg County Fair was officially organized under the name “The Jim Hogg County Fair Association” on May 24, 1985, however, the annual event dates back much further.  In 1985, Mr. E.G. Nava was elected as its first president.  In this same year, Marissa Ramirez was crowned Miss Jim Hogg County Queen.  Shortly thereafter, in 1987, The Little Mr. and Miss Jim Hogg County was introduced with Albert Pena and Leslie Garza taking the title.  In 1988 The Jim Hogg County Fair Association began recognizing local ranchers for their continuous support and generosity and named Ascension Martinez as the Rancher of the Year. With no permanent facilities to call its own, the County Fair used whatever facilities it could to hold its show. In its early days, the American Legion once a year became known as the Fairgrounds.

In 1994, the Jim Hogg County Fair Association formally announced the purchase of a permanent location and has since been the home of the Jim Hogg County Fair. In addition to the purchase, additional land was donated to the association by the family of Aris Barrera. This location has grown over the years to include the biggest dance hall in the county, known by everyone as the Jim Hogg County Fair Pavilion.  An outdoor pavilion was later constructed as well as the show barn, which houses all the livestock.

The center attraction of the county fair has always been the livestock show.  Throughout the existence of the Fair, many species have been shown by the FFA and 4H exhibitors competing for the events highest honor, “Grand Champion”.  Some of these species include Steers, Bulls, Heifers, Lambs, Hogs, Goats, Fryers and Rabbits.  Other exciting events have since been added to the county fair such as the Trail Ride, Carnival, Parade, Youth Day and Cook-off to name a few. 

The goal of the Fair Association is to promote agricultural and animal husbandry, education, entertainment, competition, youth development and community outreach.

September 9, 2017
Market Steers / Breeding Cattle

October 7, 2017
Market Lambs & Goats
December 2, 2017
Market Hogs
February 3, 2018
Kiddie Goats

*All Validation will be from 8-9am
at the JHC Fairgrounds


2018 Rancher of the Year 

Humberto D. "Beto" Martinez

Humberto D. “Beto” Martinez is a 1964 graduate of Hebbronville ISD.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education from Sam Houston State University. He is married to Nelda B. Martinez and has two children and one grandson.  Humberto “Bert”, Amy and Humberto II “Dos.” He was employed with USDA, Rural Development for 35 years.  He served in several capacities in his career and retired as Area Director.

·       Very active in the fair since its inception

·       Helped facilitate the building and purchasing of current fair grounds working with the fair board

·       He was instrumental in the development and construction of the Jim Hogg County jail

·       Past board of director with BBU- Beefmaster Breeders United

·       Past board of director with LOBBA- Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association

·       Was the auctioneer for the past 25 years- homeshow and livestock for the JHC Fair

·       Was the auctioneer for the past 25 years for San Diego Fair

·       Local business man running- El Brazil Ranch and Martinez Consulting Service

·       Believes in land stewardship and the conservation of natural resources

·       Currently serving as County Commissioner of Precinct 1

·       Has for numerous years served as a judge for the Live Oak Beefmaster annual bull sale.

·       Has served on a judging panel for the San Antonio Livestock Show Commercial cattle sale

·       Has served on the Jim Hogg County Historical Commission

·       Member of the museum foundation on Hebbronville

Beto is extremely honored to be the 2018 Rancher of the Year. 

Rancher of the year honorees

  • 1988 – Ascension Martinez+
  • 1989 – Charles W. Hellen+
  • 1990 – Denis McBryde+
  • 1991 – Dr. Homero T. Martinez+
  • 1992 – Felix Stroman+
  • 1993 – Alfonso Montalvo
  • 1994 – Santiago De Los Santos+
  • 1995 – E.G Nava+
  • 1996 – Jack Fulbright+
  • 1997 – Alec Holbein+
  • 1998 – Tom Harper+
  • 1999 – J.R. “Dick” Holbein+
  • 2000 – Perry Weid
  • 2001 – James C. “Chris” Hellen+
  • 2002 – Horacio “Lacho” S. Ramirez+
  • 2003 – Dr. Mike Vikers, DVM
  • 2004 – Bill Barfield 
  • 2005 – Harold L. Henry (Vaquero)
  • 2006 – Samuel Torres (Vaquero)
  • 2007 – Erasmo Alarcon, Sr.+ (Vaquero)
  • 2008 – Eliseo Cremar, Maximillo Cremar+, Ramiro Cremar, Transito Cremar+, Eddie Cremar, Willie Cremar, Juan Escamilla, Sr.+ (Vaqueros) 
  • 2009 – Modesto Garcia+ (Vaquero)
  • 2010 – Rogelio Hinojosa+ (Vaquero)
  • 2011 – None 
  • 2012 – Eduardo Garza
  • 2013 – AC Jones IV
  • 2014 – Alfredo Villarreal Jr.
  • 2015 – Miss Marta Gutierrez and Mr. Isidro B. Gutierrez Jr.
  • 2016 – Mr. Ernesto Rivas Gutierrez
  • 2017 – Thomas A. Dickens